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Curated Movement Captured

Video Clips: About



Music: Flakes Unwatched and Improvised by Garreth Broke

Created and Performed by Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers

Teaching Example 2020

An advanced contemporary movement example of my teaching and class style.


Spaces (2019)

Premiered at RAD Fest 2019.

2020 Great Lakes International Film Festival                                    

Rethink Dance Film Festival                                 

Motion Pictures International Film Festival  

Newsploration: July 6, 2018

Improv in real time


-Working on viewing what I'm doing with a "choreographer's lens" while I'm improving in them moment. 

-Working on articulating with a quick reaction time in response to my environment.

-Working on fulfilling the instincts of exploring each new movement choice. 


Up First by NPR News

Facet: An Inundated Drip

"I'm in this world for a reason."


Choreography: Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers


Music: The Cyclist


Wellspring Dance Academy's Adult Modern Class: Lachan Jaarda, Alisa Lindsay, Rachel Paran, Lucy Lucas Valentine, and Melina Wilcox

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